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What is I Could Cook That!?

We're a couple of chefs that have built a free online community for those who want to change their life by eating better, but want it to be easy.  We know how!  
We share lots of whole food recipes and our classes give you the cooking lessons to make them. Eat like your grandparents ate, but with today's better cooking processes, and leave all the manufactured & ultra-processed foods behind.  
Feed your body and your family the fuel they need to flourish! 

What You'll Find Inside Our Newest Course: Cooking For Good! 

  • Learn why the way you eat today is so important for your current health and your future hopes, dreams, and longevity.  
  • With each lesson you'll step further away from the lousy way most people eat today.  
  • You'll make cooking simpler so you can slide tasty meals into your busy life.
  • You'll progress through seventeen "Building Blocks" that include 82 of our favorite recipes (4-7 per lesson) and the cooking videos that show you how to cook them. 

                Building Block 1: Make Better Veggies-Roasting & Grilling

                Building Block 2: Bowl It Up-Grains and Power Bowls

                Building Block 3: Huge Flavor, No Calories- Spices, Herbs and Seasonings

                Building Block 4: Get Nutty-Heart Healthy Nuts Belong In Your Meals 

                Building Block 5: Get Sassy with Sauces and Aiolis

                Building Block 6: Vinaigrettes, Dressings, and Groovy Greens

                Building Block 7: Size Matters- Aromatics and Mirepoix 

                Building Block 8: The Scoop on Smoothies and Juicing 

                Building Block 9: Panadas-The Ties That Bind

                Building Block 10:  Under The Sea- How To Cook Seafood

                Building Block 11: Beyond The Greens- Super Salads, 2023 Style 

                Building Block 12: Grilling And Beyond

                Building Block 13: Lazy Cooking- Braising and Roasting

                Building Block 14: Stupendous Stir Frying

                Building Block 15: Standard Breading Procedure 

                Building Block 16: Better For You Snacks, Appetizers and Grazing Boards

                Building Block 17: Wrap Up- You, On Food!

Improve How You Cook...Change How You Eat.       For Good 

Cooking For Good Is Currently In Progress But Will Reopen Soon To Accept New Members! 


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